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Leadership is not a quality, trait or special ability that one receives when they get promoted or change titles. Leadership is a combination of beliefs, skills, attitudes, behaviors, values and principles that when put together allow you to have the ability to influence and inspire others. This class is for anyone that wishes to improve their leadership skills and abilities, not just those that currently hold a certain title or rank. Subjects taught include: Styles of leadership, styles for specific situations, leadership traits and principles, distinguishing between personal opinions and professional attitudes, strengths and weaknesses, self assessment, leading those who don't to want follow or be led, and becoming the leader you want to be.

Target Audience: Anyone currently serving in a leadership role, 'acting' or filling a leadership billet, or future leaders wanting to better prepare themselves for career advancement.

Prerequisites: None.

Equipment: Note taking material.

This class is designed around the individuals or organizations requesting them and will not be posted on the Training Schedule for general sign up. If you have any questions regarding what services we can provide for you, please contact us for further information.